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SNASHFit is a division of SNASH Car Care based in UAE and India, which provides car interior customization solutions. Our services include Car Seat Covers, Car floor mats customization and alterations of seats, door panels, roof, floor etc.






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General Question

You can call us on +91 7909223857 and visit our stores to touch and feel the quality of the seat covers. Or you can reach our car seat cover stores in Kannur, Kasargod, Thalassery and Vadakara.

All Wellfit seat covers are manufactured by trained professionals with the most modern machinery. Please refer to the video of the Wellfit manufacturing process.


SNASHFit Custom and Luxury seat undergoes manual stitching process by trained stitching technicians. All seat cover measurements are available and we ensure 99% fitment.

No. Car Seat cover manufacturing and installation will have to be carried out slowly in order to get the best fitment. Seat cover measurements vary between every car and every model. Expediting the stitching or fitment process may attract errors in the process and hence quality issues may arise.

SNASHFit follows a very consistent process in measurement, order placing, and seat installation. Once ordered seat manufacturing is carried out in a very professional manner with fewer error margins. Also, our fitment team takes a minimum of 5-8 hours to ensure perfect fitment.

A seat cover protects our original seat covers, minimizes allergic disorders due to dust from fabric seat covers, and improves the aesthetics of car interiors.


You may also consider that seat covers should last for years and should not wither off and cause allergic cause dust. Also, the leather materials should be good enough which won’t cause a plastic smell when kept outside the high sun heat.


All SNASHFit seat cover materials are tested and proven in accordance with health compliance in UAE and many other foreign countries. Our seat covers are meant to last for a longer period without any fade off or withering.

SNASHFit seat covers ensure the original seats are preserved without any damage. At any point in time, you can restore the original seat cover, just by unzipping and cutting the stings of SNASHFit seat covers.


All car seat measurements are available in AutoCAD drawings or physical measurements. All seat covers are flame limited to give an extra cushion.


All seat covers are manufactured with the most modern type of machinery and performed by trained professionals. Fitment technicians are well trained and ensure perfect fitments.


You can choose from a wide variety of shades, material quality, and patterns. We have seat covers starting from very economical to luxury ranges.

No. We believe the customer needs to have a touch and feel before making a purchase decision. Ideally, customers should visit the store, see the materials, samples, and miniatures, consult a sales expert before making a choice.

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World’s Best Car Seat Covers & Car Floor Mats

There is an increasing demand for installing car seat covers these days for your car. Seat covers not only makes your drive comfortable and give your car a unique look and feel but also protect your original seat covers from scratches, dust and accumulation of bacteria which may go deep inside your car seats, thereby creating allergenic disorders and odors.

Floor Mats, on the other hand, are also a very important accessory that protects the original upholstery car floor from dirt, dust, and stains, but also gives a unique look to car interiors. Floor mats are often very easy to maintain and clean.

Why SNASH Fit Car Seat Covers & Floor Mats

SNASHFit is the newest venture within SNASH Car Care Group. Established in 2016 in UAE as a mobile unit, SNASH Car Care expanded its services to India in 2018. With 4 branches and a corporate office in India, we launched SNASHFit, collaborating with Wellfit, the world’s leading seat cover manufacturer.

At SNASHFit we offer s wide choices of seat covers, manufactured from high-quality leather-related products which provide perfect fitting and comfort. SNASHFit also offers budget-friendly seat covers which fit your budget without compromising comfort and Quality.

We also offer custom seat covers and are equipped to manufacture seat covers as per your design or choice. Our luxury range of seat covers offers seat modifications and provides additional thigh and back support while giving a luxurious appearance to your car interiors.

SNASHFit car mats ranges provide unique protection and aesthetics inside your car. Ranging from 3d to 7d mats, our products are of high-grade materials and last for years.

Manufacturing Process.

SNASHFit provides a wide range of materials, designs and patterns to choose from. We have more than 8 materials types, more than 50 colors to choose from, 300 plus patterns, and 15 plus thread types. Once the customer chooses the material and designs, the same is submitted to the manufacturing facility through a mobile app.


At Wellfit, seat cover we follow a very consistent and advanced technological manufacturing process. All materials are flame laminated with 8mm high-quality lamination which provides additional driving comfort. Patterns are stitched through automated CNC robotic printing technology. All materials are cut into perfect using CNC automated CNC laser cutting machine. Stitching is performed by trained technicians using most advanced Juki machines. A thorough quality check is performed before the seats are dispatched to SNASH outlets.


At SNASH outlets all fitment technicians are well fit trained and carries a due diligence in fitment.


How are we different

At SNASHFit, all seats are individually manufactured for a specific car, compared to our competitors who have standard seat covers which will fit into many car.

All materials are tested and in compliance with the standards used. SNASHFit also provides perforated breathable materials. SNASHFit also accommodates airbag compliance for cars that have airbag provisions.

A customer can visit our store, or our visit below links to get more details and place orders.

He can also call us 7594837457 to get more details.

We would require approximately 2 days in manufacturing seat covers and then 4-5 hours for fitment.

SNASHFit seat covers are available at SNASH outlets in car seat covers Kasaragod, car seat covers  Kannur, car seat covers thalassery and Calicut districts.

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