German Leather Features

The gold standard in car seat coverings is brought to you by NAPPA GRANDE. These seat coverings exceed all of your expectations thanks to embossed soft grain, dry feel art leather, sumptuous gather design, and world-class manufacture processes.The art leather used is crack resistant and requires only¬†little maintenance. Available in a variety of stunning colours to enhance any vehicle’s interior.

car seat covers


Seat covers that are designed for comfortable for long drives , long lasting and climate friendly.

premium seat covers


World best materials in crafting seat covers for your premium cars.

robotic stiching

Robot Stitching

Most advanced seat covers manufacturing technology at 99% fitment.

High-Quality NAPPA Leather

Patented soft materials which provides a very unique look to the car interiors.

30 + Patterns

Patterns available at your choice in different colors and stitching.

LUXURY Redefined

German Leather provides you a very luxurious, unique, and comfortable feeling while you drive.