Manufacturing Process.

SNASHFit provides a wide range of materials, designs and patterns to choose from. We have more than 8 materials types, more than 50 colors to choose from, 300 plus patterns, and 15 plus thread types. Once the customer chooses the material and designs, the same is submitted to the manufacturing facility through a mobile app.


At Wellfit, seat cover we follow a very consistent and advanced technological manufacturing process. All materials are flame laminated with 8mm high-quality lamination which provides additional driving comfort. Patterns are stitched through automated CNC robotic printing technology. All materials are cut into perfect using CNC automated CNC laser cutting machine. Stitching is performed by trained technicians using most advanced Juki machines. A thorough quality check is performed before the seats are dispatched to SNASH outlets.


At SNASH outlets all fitment technicians are well fit trained and carries a due diligence in fitment.


How are we different

At SNASHFit, all seats are individually manufactured for a specific car, compared to our competitors who have standard seat covers which will fit into many car.

All materials are tested and in compliance with the standards are used. SNASHFit also provides perforated breathable materials. SNASHFit also accommodates airbag compliance for cars which have air bag provisions.

A customer can visit our store, or our visit below links to get more details and place orders.


He can also call us 7594837457 to get more details.

We would require approximately 2 days in manufacturing seat covers and then 4-5 hours for fitment.

SNASHFit seat covers are available at SNASH outlets at Kasaragod, Kannur and Calicut districts.