LS Features

These Premium seat covers are manufactured from most modern manufacturing facilities with robotic stitches and patented pattern printing machines. LS seat covers are approved and compliant and used in more than 60 countries in the world.

car seat covers


Seat covers that are designed for comfortable for long drives , long lasting and climate friendly



Computerized cutting and most advanced stitching to provide the exact fitment. Designed with the help of Auto-Cad software



Air bag friendly seat covers designed in compliance for your safety features in your car.

Imported leather seats

Unique imported material enhances the overall drive experience.

Safety first

All our seat covers are air bag compliant and provides maximum safety.

Robotic stitching

Our robotic manufacturing technology ensures 100% accuracy in stitching.

Seat covers that you dreamed of

Seat covers manufactured with high quality imported leather to make sure you enjoy every journey.