Luxury Seat Covers by SNASHFit

SNASHFit Luxury seat covers modification services for those who needs extra neck, back or thigh support. SNASHFit Luxury alters the shapes and provides an aesthetic feel for your car interiors.

car seat covers


Seat covers with Additional Wing support, Thigh, and Shoulder support.

best seat covers


Seat covers are manufactured with top quality material and threads to ensure long life and comfort.

budget friendly seat covers


Budget friendly seat covers that offer customization on different parts of your car interior.

  • Addl Wings
  • Thigh Support
  • Shoulder Cut
  • Steering Wheel
  • Door Panels
  • Gear Knob

Addl Wings Features

Seat covers beyond ordinary.

Three-dimensional wings to add ergonomic support to your waist. Helps to relieve driving fatigue.

Thigh Support features

Extra Comfort Guaranteed

The thigh support cushion is composed of soft, high-quality leather that is long-lasting. By modifying your seat, you may get the optimum under-thigh support.

Shoulder Support

Make your driving simple and less tiring

Suitable for all head and neck, specially designed for your car seats or even for long drive trips, act as a shoulder rest for the car seat cover.

Steering Wheel

Styles that never go outdated.

Get the best steering covers that match your seat cover and car interiors. We offer different materials and leathers to add extra luxury to your car.

 Add luxury to your car steering.

Give your car steering a luxury finish by adding top quality leather materials.

Door Panels Features

car door panel designs
Customize door panels as your wish

Make your car interiors stylish by adding custom door panels. Select from a wide range of materials.

custom door panels
Stay unique by adding your ideas to car interiors.

Enjoy the benefits of matching your car door panels to your seat covers in terms of color and material.

Gear Knob features

A new skin for your car gear knob.

The Gear Knob Cover is manufactured of materials that protect your car’s gear shift from scratches and damage. With a non-slip surface, which is made for your comfort.

Luxury Seat Covers

SNASHFit Luxury seat covers is all about redefining the way car seats looks. For most of us who loves their cars, seat covers will be something very important to provide a unique aesthetics to your car. SNASHFit Luxury is about adding additional molds and foams to the existing seats there by adding more comfort and look to the car interiors.

For some cars, we don’t have enough thigh support, or there could be instances like seat covers are not bucket shaped, or appears to be flat. At SNASHFit, we add additional high-quality foam so that customers can have an additional leg support and the seat covers actually supports their sides, neck and back.

If a customer is not that tall, we have options to increase the seat height, or for tall customers we may need to give an additional thigh support, some customer would like to have deeper bucket feeling or a different shaped seats. We have them all.

Complete customization solutions such as roof changing, floor mats designs, unique steering cover designs with added comfort or changing dashboard to leather finish, all services are available with SNASHFit Luxury ranges.