Car Floor Mats by SNASHFit

Make your car flooring a Masterpiece. We created a simple but effective product to address all of a customer’s problems with car flooring, which resulted in poor sanitary conditions and the spread of various hazardous illnesses. Our product is a custom molded laminated flooring (MLF) that can be simply installed at any automotive accessories or car décor store.

  • 3D
  • 5D
  • 7D

3D Floor Mats Features

Manufactured from safest high quality material with a very durable design. These floor mats are available in different colors and its easy to install and cleaning. Raised edges to accumulate water and dirt if any.

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The anti-slip design at the back keeps the mat adhere on your car floor.



Manufactured with high-quality material that will long last on your car floor.



Odorless free from chemicals or toxic smell.

We Floor you Adore.

Made with superior quality material, 3D floor gives high aesthetics & sturdiness.

Grip life by the floors.

Velcro under liner keeps mats in position all the time.

5D Floor Mats Features

Unique and Exclusive 5D Mats with 100% dustproof and water-resistant. These 5D mats cover 75% of the car area thereby protecting the carpet from damage and mechanical loss. Available in a variety of colors and easy for maintenance.

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Non - Toxic

Odorless free from chemical or toxic smell.


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Leather finish

Aesthetically crafted designs that suit each vehicle’s interiors.

Flooring your car with Quality and Service.

Wear and tear-proof material with leather finish. Enjoy anti-skid surface layer.

No-Slip, No-Slide Floor Mats

Layered material with 75% car area coverage. Made by true fit technology for accurate fitment.

7D Floor Mats Features

7D are high-end floor mats that can prevent soil, snow, dust particles, water, and oil from messing up your car interior look. Since it is waterproof it effectively protects against spillage. Elevated raised edges which gives you 100% coverage.

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Eco friendly

Eco-friendly material, non-toxic and harmless.



Adherence to a place where they are lined with wear and tear-proof material.



The materials used are 100% waterproof which effectively protects against spillage.

Floors that outshine the rest

Shock and sound absorbent inner layer with antiskid surafce layer for your luxurious drive.

Highly sturdy and durable

A thick layer of coil mat to provide maximum comfort and cleanliness. Adding elegance to car interiors.

Unique and Exclusive floor mat designs.

Available in different colors and patterns. it is easy to  maintain that you can wipe it with a wet cloth or hose off. 

Car Floor Mats by SNASH Fit

SNASHfit floor mats bring you the most innovative and advanced floor mats. With over 5 years of experience-based innovation, our floor mats are tested in all conditions to last for life. Floor mats are available in different colors and designs which blend to superior luxury within the car interiors. Additional cushioning provided added comfort.

Floor mats are available in 3 ranges. 3D, 5D, and 7D.

3D Car Floor Mats

3D mats provide a premium looks inside the car. The fitments are top-notch and cover most areas. Floor mats provide excellent water and dirt repellency and carry all water, dust, and grimes in their groves. It’s easy to remove, clean, and installs it back. 3D mats have an excellent anti-skid property and will not interfere with pedal usage. All 3D mats are customized in accordance with the car interiors and models.

5D Car Floor Mats

5D mats are one step better than 3D mats by providing a covering to the doors and other tricky areas while 3D mats only covers the floor. 5D mats have an additional layer which provides better adhesives between the car floor and the mat and provides anti-skid property. 5D mats also are water repellent and provides better protection and stains, dusts and grimes in the floor as well as tricky hard to reach areas.

7D Car Floor Mats

7D mats are the most premium mats available. It provides 100% coverings within the car floors and have a noodle layer attached to the mat. Noodle mat absorbs all mud and dirt inside the noodle and hides it, so that the car looks neat and fresh always. 7D mats are available in different colors and designs and blends within the luxury of your car interiors.